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Digital Calipers
Digital Calipers(square cover)
Digital Calipers
Digital Calipers(Metallic Cover)
Dial Caliper
Vernier Calipers
Vernier Calipers
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ShenZhen Shenliang Precision Measuring Co.,Ltd.is specialized in the development of precision measuring tools, design, production, sales and service of high-tech enterprise. Our main product is Digital Calipers, Digital Indicators, Digital Micron Indicators, Digital thickness Gauges, Digital Radius Gauges, Digital Diameter Gauges, Platform measuring Instruments, and so on.

We always adhere to improve service, quality assurance, to meet the customer´s quality policy, suppy the high quality and competitive products for the worldwide clients. We have professional design team with the advantage in styling designing, structure and product designing,  OEM/ODM service offered.

We are continuing to make our efforts to achieve standardization and the first-class product quality, and we look forward to your continued cooperation and support of our customers!

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  • 123
    Digital calipers
    Waterproof Digital Caliper IP67
  • Data Wire
    Digital Micrometer
    Waterproof Digital Micron Indicator
    Waterproof Digital Indicator
  • Digital calipers
    Point Micrometers
    Digital Scales Units
    Digital Thickness Indicators
  • Dial Thickness Gage
    Digital Depth Gage
    Digital Thickness Gage
    Pin Gages
  • Micrometer Stand
    Magnetic Bases
    Magnetic Bases
    Digital Height Gage
  • Dial Height Gages
    Digital Micron Indicator
  • Digital Indicators
    Digital Indicators
    Digital Indicators
    Dial Indicators
  • Micrometers Heads
    Digital Micrometer
    Dial Micron Test Indicator
    Dial Test Indicators
  • Micrometer
    Vernier Calipers
    Vernier Calipers
    Dial Caliper
  • Digital Calipers(Metallic Cover)
    Digital Calipers
    Digital Calipers(square cover)
    Digital Calipers

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