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Gauge maintenance and maintenance

The correct use of precision measuring tools is one of the important conditions to ensure product quality. In order to maintain the accuracy of measuring tools and the reliability of its work, in addition to the use of the operation in accordance with the reasonable use of the method, but also must do a good job of measuring tool maintenance and maintenance.

1, in the machine tool to measure the parts, to wait for the part to stop completely, otherwise not only make the measuring surface of the measurement of premature wear and loss of precision, and will cause the accident.

2, the former should be measured gauge measuring surface and parts of the surface is measured to be wiped clean, so as to avoid the dirt and influence the accuracy of measurement. Use of precision measuring tools such as caliper, micrometer and dial, to measure the forging and casting blank, or with abrasives (such as emery, etc.) of the surface is wrong, so easy to make soon wear and lose face measurement accuracy.

3, in the process of using the measuring tool and tools, such as, don´t file, hammer, drill tool and stacked together, avoid bruising measuring tool. Do not put on the machine tool, free of vibration due to machine tools to measure damage. Especially the caliper, should be placed in a special box, avoid that the ruler body deformation.

4, the measure is measurement tools, absolutely cannot serve as a substitute of other tools. For example, the card rule, with a steel ruler when the screwdriver screw, and the steel ruler to clean up scraps is wrong. The measuring tools as toys, such as calipers with is wrong in the hands of any wave or crank and so on, are easy to lose accuracy measuring.

5, the temperature has a great influence on the measurement results, the precision measurement of parts must make the parts and measuring instruments are measured at 20 DEG C. General can be measured at room temperature, but the temperature must be consistent, otherwise the workpiece and tools, because of the characteristics of metal material thermal expansion and contraction, the measurement result is not accurate. The effect of temperature on measuring accuracy is also very large, measuring tools should not be placed in the sun or on the headstock, because the measuring temperature increases, but also can not measure the correct size. Do not put precision measuring instruments in the heat source (such as electric furnace, heat exchanger, etc.), so as not to measure the deformation of the heating and loss of precision.

6, do not put the precision measuring device in the vicinity of the magnetic field, such as the magnetic table grinder, so as to avoid the measurement of magnetic

7, the precise amount has found abnormal phenomenon, such as measuring uneven surface, burr, rust and scale are not allowed, the ruler body bending deformation, activities are not flexible and so on, the user shall not dismantle and repair, but are not allowed to use a hammer, file, emery cloth Polish rough way to repair, so as not to increase. Measuring error. In the case of the above situation, the user shall take the initiative to send it to the metering station for maintenance, and then continue to use the accuracy of the measuring instrument.

8, the use of measuring tools, should be promptly wiped clean, in addition to stainless steel measuring or protection coating outside, the metal surface should be coated with a layer of anti rust oil, placed in a special box, stored in a dry place, avoid rust.

9, precision measuring instruments should be regularly checked and maintained, long-term use of precision measuring tools, to regularly send metering station for maintenance and calibration accuracy, so as to avoid the error of the measurement value of the error caused by poor quality products.



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